Insart also has an established Criminal Law Division that provides legal services to clients across India. Our experienced team of criminal lawyers has a proven track record of successfully defending clients in a wide range of criminal cases. We also provide legal representation to clients who wish to pursue criminal charges against individuals or organizations that have committed criminal offenses.


Our criminal law services include advising clients on criminal law matters, representing clients in court, negotiating plea agreements, and conducting investigations. We have experience in defending clients against charges such as fraud, white-collar crimes, drug offenses, cybercrimes, and more.


Whether you are facing criminal charges or need legal representation in a criminal matter, our team is here to help. We have experience handling a wide range of criminal cases, including white-collar crimes, drug offenses, theft, assault, and more. Our criminal law attorneys work closely with our clients to understand their unique situations and develop customized legal strategies to help achieve their objectives.


As a full-service law firm, Insart is committed to providing the highest quality legal services to our clients. Our Criminal Law division is no exception, and we are dedicated to ensuring that our clients receive the best possible representation throughout their criminal cases.